Company Founder Luke Sadler

Luke Sadler is not one to toot his own horn. In fact, he is more likely to tell you he’s not perfect than he is to wax poetic about completing a total redo of dated plumbing underneath his client’s house. Humility is one of Luke’s trademarks. First and foremost, Luke is a family man. Hearing Luke talk about his life, you begin to notice that he maintains the same attitude about work that he has about his home life: focus on what’s important (the people), work diligently, and work with care. Work ethic is central to how Luke fell into plumbing about ten years ago.

Fresh out of college, this Political Science major found himself in the depressed job market of the 2008 economic downturn. He learned a lot and eventually began using his skills on his own home repairs, working steadily through his honey-do list as a new husband. 

Extraordinary Experiences

When Luke and his wife, Hillary, were expecting their first child, Luke did some self-evaluation and market research, and decided to focus on plumbing, applying for a position as a Master Plumber’s Assistant for a local plumbing company. As the son of a military aviator, Luke has never been one to shy away from a challenge, so he earned his Master Plumber license allowing him to not only handle plumbing issues, but also jobs involving gas lines. Luke has found plumbing to be a tangible way to help people while using his hands and his smarts to earn a living for his family. It’s been a busy decade for Luke and Hillary whose family has grown right alongside Sadler Plumbing. 

Core Values

It makes sense, then, when asked about his hobbies, that Luke remarks with a touch of incredulity, “I’m about to have four kids.” Certainly, family time is central in the Sadler household, but, when pressed, Luke comments without hesitation that his “happy places” are the kitchen and the garden. He likes to dig in the dirt and dreams of canning a healthy store of home grown vegetables he can “put up.” Thus far, he hasn’t had that kind of yield, but he still takes pleasure in the discipline of tending the earth. His young children enjoy eating from the garden, and “participating in the dirty part,” Luke says. Life is full for the Sadler family who enjoys being outside together in their coastal South Carolina surroundings.

Career Satisfaction

In talking about his career choice, Luke points to the satisfaction he finds in meeting the demands of his job and seeing transformation. While a portion of his work is straightforward plumbing, he is inspired by the occasional complicated gas system and challenging remodel. He likes that on remodel jobs, he is “the first trade in and the last trade out.” Luke highlights that it is rewarding to finish a project, and not only see the transformation, but also see the homeowner take pleasure in their new space.

When he’s not on a plumbing job, this owner of Sadler Plumbing is either digging in the backyard garden or tossing fresh ingredients into a cast iron pan. If you think angle stops, escutcheons, check valves, and branch vents are the only talking points for Master Plumber, Luke Sadler, think again. He’s more likely to tell you about his tomato, okra, and butter beans crop than he is to discuss drainage flow issues on his most recent service call in Mt. Pleasant. 

More About Sadler Plumbing from Company Owner:

“Plumbers at big companies are driven by commissions. I have seen so many of them out to take advantage of people.”
“Nobody does everything right every time. Mistakes happen. The difference with me is I have the willingness and the desire to make it right. I own it.”

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